General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Titles Unknown
Skills/Abilities Unknown
Status Unknown
Species Vaikan android
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Stealth Action Neuro-Artifical Recon/Infiltrator (or SANARI) is an android manufactured in Dimonroff facility. Her creation was directed by Sirius Alnitak, and she was modeled after his wife, Veidne Alnitak who worked as an assistant.

SANARI's full name is SANARI-031312-00, the prototype of an intended series of intelligent infiltrators.


Since the Carapellex incident, laws banning sapient artificial intelligence were instated. SANARI is the first android of Vaikan origin to be manufactured since that time.

Her systems contain synaptic patterns modeled after Veidne Alnitak making her sapient. Her body is entirely mechanical with sleek, chrome plating.


Since Dimonroff was a military facility, SANARI was also outfitted with a variety of weapons including a retractable arm blade as well as a particle rifle.


Main article: SANARI/History

Invasion of DimonroffEdit

Main article: Invasion of Dimonroff

SANARI was constructed in secret during the War Between Vaikan States. Dimonroff was invaded by Confederacy of Greenwater in order to eliminate a SDET outpost. SANARI was hidden away and was set to automatically boot up once the danger had passed.


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