The SCS Excalibur is the current flagship of the Selvarius's Continuum navy. A large vessel, the Excalibur stretches to about 20 kilometers in length. While dwarfed in size by much larger Eteno Dreadnoughts, the Excalibur is equipped with technology that survived from the Tokarthi's Golden Age, making it a formidable opponent in any battle.

The Excalibur, while designated an Excalibur-class Dreadnought, is currently the only of its class currently fielded by Selvarius's Continuum, and was actually believed to be originally an Original Tokarthi Empire Cruiser-type.



  • Antimatter Engines
  • Slipspace Utilization Drive

Weapons LoadoutEdit

  • Anti-Proton Beam Emittors (4)
  • <Insert Warhead type here> Torpedo Launchers (5)
  • Particle Beam Turrets (50)
  • Particle Beam Arrays (25)
  • Particle Beam Flak Cannons (75)


  • Layered Carbon/Titanium/Steel Armor
  • Advanced Photon Condensement Fields
  • Point Defense System


  • Emergency Environmental Field Generators

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