The Sagittarius Arm is a branch of the Milky Way Galaxy found between the Perseus Arm and the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. The Dragandr Meritocratic Monarchy have planets in the area between Delson and Karnasaur territory. The Caras Union of EmiratesOrlakian Kingdom of Federated Planets and Imperial Confederation of the Great Moxac Civilisation also has possessions in the region.

Eagle NebulaEdit

The Eagle Nebula is best known for its former Pillars of Creation. The region contains active star forming gas and dust regions. Between 8,000 and 9,000 yeasr ago, a supernova explosion blew away the the gas formations, though little damage was done to life supporting planets.

Einach NebulaEdit

The Einach Nebula is entirely occupied by the Caras Union of Emirates.

  • Kas
    • Oliom
    • Karase
      • Oltoma
      • Ruma
      • Parsia
    • Motikuli
    • Ankila
  • Aliona
    • Charistkan
      • Charistkan B
      • Maliaro
      • Zhunor
  • Vahlnagg
    • Brunhile
      • Ivalkre
    • Yggdrasil
      • Nidhogg
      • Vedfolnir
    • Ouranos
      • Rhea
      • Atlas
      • Krios
      • Pontus

Quetoria NebulaEdit

The Quetoria Nebula is occupied by the Orlakian Kingdom of Federated Planets and the Imperial Confederation of the Great Moxac Civilisation.

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