Salanna Zenklah
General statistics
Born 2091 AD
Affiliation Confederacy of Greenwater
Titles Student, University of Krar
Skills/Abilities Survival skills, knowledge of xenobiology
Status alive
Species Vaikan
Gender female
Height 5'3"
Weight 140 lb

Salanna Zenklah is a Vaikan student from Krar. She was selected to attend a one-way expedition to the Andromeda Galaxy to study on the planet Fisiena found in the Atgal system.


Salanna has short, dark blue hair with large, pale, orange eyes. Her ears are oriented to be pointed out towards the sides. Although pudgy in build, she is highly athletic and energetic by Vaikan standards.


Salanna is highly assertive and aggressive. While she is quite intelligent, she is highly impatient with others who are slow or ignorant. Her driving motive is to graduate and prove her own knowledge. Although she has a high sense of self-esteem, she is rather egotistical, yet Salanna is willing to work with others if it means her own personal gain.


Salanna grew up on Krar in the Upperworld, growing up in a family where academic competition was intense. Although she was on the brink of failing basic school, she was pushed by her peers to excel and achieve, eventually managing to attend the University of Krar. As a result, she begun to take pride in some of her own achievements, taking herself as a natural leader. While her peers started to look up to her, some saw her as mean-spirited.

When the CG seceded from the Karalian Empire, Salanna was chosen among many other top students and scientists to go on a mission to the Andromeda Galaxy.


  • Chaos Crisis: Andromeda Arc (coming this May)

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