The Sanhul Arm is the southern Galactic Arm of the Andromeda Galaxy. Many Andromedan civilisations reside in this region, as many of the planets are life-supporting. There are many stars in the Sanhul Arm that have a medium- to high-metallicity content, unlike the Arm's northern counterpart, the Gasruk Arm.


A map of the Andromedan Grids, including the two Galactic Arms, Sanhul and Gasruk

Dirpion NebulaEdit

The Dirpion Nebula is the most well-known area within the Sanhul Arm. It is composed of many stars. The Dirpion Nebula's components originated from the star Dirpion-104, a hypergiant which ejected much of its mass into space before going hypernova 3 billion years ago.

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