Star N/a
Type Rogue Terrestrial
Satellites None
Gravity 2G
Orbital distance N/a
Day length N/a
Year length N/a
Diameter 19,113 km
Axial tilt N/a
Average 22 K (-251.15*C)
Minimum 15 K (-258.15*C)
Maximum 30 K (-243.15*C)
Atmosphere composition N/a
Surface pressure N/a
Factions Darwol
Population 40,000,000,000
Major imports Outside knowledge and communication
Major exports Underwater creatures and power supplies

Sawej is a rogue planet somewhere in the Deras grid of the Andromeda Galaxy.


The orbit of Sawej is around the galactic centre as it is a rogue planet that is not bound by any star or constellation. It is currently transitioning through from the Deras Grid to the Yetnad Grid in the Andromeda Galaxy near the edge of the Trentas Grid.

Long ago is was part of a solar system but it was ejected for unknown reasons.


Sawej is a medium-sized terrestrial planet which is covered in a permanent sheet of ice which is many miles thick. This layer of ice keeps the interior warm by trapping most of the heat given off by the core inside the planet. This has led to a vast oceans under the ice which are heated by geothermal vents.

There is no atmosphere on Sawej and it is assumed it was lost during it's ejection.


The ecosystem of Sawej is made up of underwater creatures which feed on smaller creatures, who feed upon plankton-like creatures who survive off of geothermal vents at the ocean floor.


The Darwol are a sentient species on the planet Sawej who have little communication with the outside world.

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