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The Second Age of the Vaikan is an era in Vaikan history from the invention of writing to the invention of the battery. It is often referred to as the pre-modern period.

Saskana MeteorEdit

Within recorded history, a meteor collided with Ucharpli wiping out 50% of all Vaikan and plunging the planet into another ice age. Reports during this time claim that the sun was blocked and that great tsunamis crashed onto the shorelines. According to mythology, this meteor was the vessel for the beast god Saskana who rammed himself into the earth to punish the Vaikan. The actual crash site is located somewhere within the Ocean of Thought.

Founding of JamzezismEdit

According to legend, a Vaikan in the desert met the incarnation of Krayhan as a travelling man as well as Uszaroth, a demon from another universe. This led to its rapid spread and the founding of civilizations such as Yallvus.

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