The Second Sinister War is a major conflict in the early space era of Vaikan history. It was fought by the Drallan Federal Monarchy against the entire Sinister Hegemony.

The Great BreakoutEdit

For several centuries, the Eghos Oligarchy of the Sinister Hegemony had enslaved the civilian population of the Drallan Federal Monarchy forcing them to into become a cheap source of electricity. The Vaikan organized under the leadership of the King Inszerg, who managed to meet in secret with the council members.

A grand scale uprising took place, and the Drallans were able to remobilize their forces to release themselves from the control of the Eghos. To be able to topple the Sinister Hegemony, all they had to do was defeat the Eghos, because every alien species that was part of it could only perform one specific task.

The Eghos' Final WeaponEdit

As a last resort, the Eghos demanded the Malenven to build a war machine known as Gomodd. This creature was believed to be the perfect being - a completely indestructible humanoid weapon with unmatched intelligence. It was engineered to be specifically better than the best Vaikan, able to take on entire armies by itself. Essentially, it was engineered to be a demi-god; the Eghos were desperate and they poured all of their financial investments and directed all scientists to work on perfecting this one weapon.

Many lives were lost fighting against Gomodd, but after its defeat, victory for the DFM was quick.


As Vaikan with weak electrical abilities were not allowed to breed during their time under Sinister control, microevolution occurred in Vaikan population. Vaikan on average could output far more volts of electricity than they could before.

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