An image of Selene
Star Sol
Type Crater moon
Primary Gaea
Gravity 0.16 G
Orbital distance 1.0 AU
Day length 28 days
Year length 28 days
Diameter 3,474.8 kilometers
Axial tilt 1.54°
Mean 220 K
Minimum 100 K
Maximum 390 K
Atmosphere composition Trace argon, helium, sodium and hydrogen
Surface pressure Negligible
Faction Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population 3,689
Major imports food, machinery
Major exports helium-3

Selene (commonly referred as the Moon) is the only natural satellite of Gaea, and is the fifth largest satellite in the Sol Cluster, after Io, a satellite of Jupiter.

History Edit

First Moon Missions Edit

From the years 1961 and 1975, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration culminated a series of manned and unmanned space missions. The efforts were done to attempt to defeat the Soviet Union, now the Eurasian Union, in an event known as the Space Race. On 1969, the first American moon landing was completed.

Colonization Edit

However frequent, the last known manned moon mission occured on 19 December 2045. Operations towards the moon faltered until 12 August 2145, when the corporation Atlas Enterprises enlisted a team of 100 astronaut-trained miners to begin the colonization of the lunar surface by the construction of a Helium-3 Mining facility which was compassionately named "Hope".

The launch occured on 4 July 2145

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