Selvarius's Continuum Military StarshipsEdit


  • Nimue class Interceptor -
  • Mordred class Bomber -

Small CraftEdit

  • Lucan class Escort -
  • Tristan class Corvette -


  • Safir class Frigate -
  • Gareth class Destroyer -


  • Lancelot class Light Cruiser -
  • Gawain class Cruiser -
  • Galahad class Battlecruiser -


  • Dagonet class Battleship -
  • Percival class Heavy Battleship -


  • Clarent class Light Dreadnought -
  • Excalibur class Dreadnought - The SCS Excalibur, currently the only Excalibur class Dreadnought in existance, is 20 km long, and equipped with a wide array of weapons. The ship's primary weapons are 4 forward-facing Anti-Proton Beam weapons. The SCS Excalibur is currently the flagship of the Military of the Selvarius's Continuum.


  • Camelot class Carrier -
  • Avalon class Supercarrier - The Avalon class Supercarrier is a 15 km long ship, and can hold thousands of Nimue class Interceptors and Mordred class Bombers.


  • Logress class Troop Transport -

Selvarius's Continuum Civilian ShipsEdit


  • Cornwall class Cargo Transport -
  • Sarras class Passanger Transport -

Ship GalleryEdit


  • SC fighter names are based on Arthurian Characters, while SC Combat ships (minus the dreadnoughts) are named after members of the Knights of the Round Table. SC Carriers and Transports (both Military and Civilian) are named after Arthurian Locations, while SC Dreadnoughts are named for Arthurian Weapons.

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