The Seven Centre Stars (or SCS's) is a grouping of hypergiant stars at the centre of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Instead of what many would assume to be a supermassive black hole at the centre of this galaxy there are Seven HyperGiants that orbit around each other in a rather complicated pattern that is changing constantly.

The current SCS's are: Elgar (Top left) • Silvin (Top right) • Udert (Middle left) • Revern (Middle right) • Wofe (Bottom right) • Hehber (Bottom middle)• Jukul (Bottom left)


These are the SCS's and their formation.

All of these stars are within a five light-year diameter of each other and make full orbit's around the centre point every Terran decade, which means these stars are moving at over 50% Light speed.

Beyond the five light year wide circle of orbit that the SCS's can be within a the rest of the stars that move around the centre constellation.


Every 10,000 years one of these stars either is destroyed by the gravity of the others, collides with another star, supernova's or is sling-shotted out of the constellation. This results in very unstable orbits that keep swapping these stars out for others, as when one falls out another can take it's place at a later date.

Currently, it is predicted that one of the stars in the constellation now will be swapped out in less than hundred years. Most presumably Silvin, which has been highly active with outbursts at the Eddington limit.

Throughout Andromeda's existence it is assumed that there have been as many as 120,000 different stars in this constellation.

Interaction with CivilisationsEdit

Many of the civilisations have noted the disturbances made by these stars in the centre but have yet to find out that it is really a constellation, many presuming it is a supermassive black hole.

Only a handful of civilisations have ever been close enough to the stars to actually map out the constellation and it's orbit.

The scientists which overtake these missions fully expect to die within a year of visiting the SCS's because of all of the radiation poisoning they would get. Although, the few that have been there and returned say that the beautiful sight was worth visiting to see before their untimely fates.

A few scientists have speculated on whether a megastructure like a dyson sphere could be constructed so that energy may be taken from these hypergiants, which could power many civilisations for a large expanse of time. Many have ruled against it however as the unstability of orbits and that new stars are regularly taken in would limit building in the area.

Tourism for the constellation has been widely blocked by governments as it is extremely dangerous for any inhabitants.

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