The Sevoraxx are a legacy race of the Ritosians, a genetic experiment designed to "conquer mortality by overcoming physical limitations", that is to say, one of many solutions to the inherent genetic frailty of their people. What became of it is a genetically modified super-predator that, while not achieving the original directive, have become a militaristically, economically and politically formidable civilization in their own right which could stand to rival the first iteration of the Omni empire.



There appearance is similar to an ancient Ran'Corian foot soldier, but with a few superficial differences. The Sevoraxx has three pairs of eyes designed for circa 270° vision. They have long snouts and sharp fangs and skin in various different hues, all of which have a reflective quality.

They have tales, something that distinguishes them greatly from their predecessors, and a long line of spikes that reaches from the Perticipal (where the neck meets the head), to the Phalamea (38th vertebra), that act as both defensive and offensive weapons. They are also used in festivals and, on a more intimate note, antiquated mating dances.



A Raxxin sangrophage is typically defined as a "blood-eater", though this is a poor association with the similarly defined plasmavore or vampyr. In difference, a sangrophageous Sevoraxx is one that consumes and is capable of assimilating genetic material, but is not dependent on said practice. Genetic assimilation in terms of Sevoraxx biology is a subtle process that consists of the alteration of genetic code and morphogenic adaptation of a foetus during pregnancy, stemming from the consumption of tissue from a heterogeneous carcass. To clarify, when a mothering Sevoraxx or a sangrophage the likes of Ci' Raan consume tissue, preferably fresh or even living samples, they acquire a considerable amount of cells containing genetic material. This material, most often acquired from the ingestion of blood from a sizeable wound, is integrated with that of a foetus to allow for greater genetic variety is later generations.

Assimilation of characteristics native to the consumed is also possible, though requires regular consumption of prime condition carcasses from individuals of the same species. What's more, results vary greatly, from debility in the face of diseases unique to or ones that adversely affect the donor, sterility and deformities. As such, this practice is uncommon in Sevoraxx nature, and while it is legal, is highly discouraged in modern society.

Additional Information

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