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Average height


Average Lifespan

180 (male)/100 (female) Earth years


Head crests, fluorescence.

The Shekeshta are a sapient race from the planet Carnask, in the Iralek Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy. They are the race controlling the Shekeshta Hegemony.


Shekeshta are a race of bipedal creatures. They stand up to 2.6m tall, with females being slightly taller than the males. They have two arms, but each has a pair of forearms, giving them four hands in all.

A line of spikes goes down from the head to their tails, which are around one metre long and contain a fat store which makes them look slightly bulbous. Their torsos are tubular and all their ribs connect and fuse during growth to produce a porous, bony cylinder around their vitals. Their hide contains carotenoid derivatives which causes them to glow in UV light.

Their heads bear large crests, unique to each individual, with a number of spikes and bumps, with pigmented patterns upon them. Males have larger crests, some of which reach 60 cm across.

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