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Sikhe atlas map
A map of Sikhe's surface




Thatak, Venelov

Distance from star

1.53 AU

Surface gravity


Axial tilt


Day length

15.3 hours

Year length

618 Earth days


73.5% nitrogen, 26.3% oxygen, 0.2% argon, other gases

Sikhe is a planet that orbits the star Khaira, in the Triangulum Galaxy. It is the Sethaleya homeworld.


Sikhe orbits 1.53AUs from Khaira. It is a garden planet.


With a mass of around 0.8 Earth masses and a diameter of 13,000 km, Sikhe has three-quarters the density of Earth. Its surface gravity is 0.77g.


The planet takes around 618 Earth days to orbit its sun. Due to the lack of a large moon, it has short 15.3 hour days and a minimal axial tilt of 3.6 degrees.


The crust of Sikhe is 50.1% oxygen, 26.7% silicon, 7.5% aluminium, 6% iron, 3.4% titanium, 2.5% calcium, 2.1% magnesium, and the remainder other elements.


54% of Sikhe's surface is covered by ocean. 41% of its land area is covered by forest. It has no ice caps.


The atmosphere of Sikhe is 73.5% nitrogen, 26.3% oxygen, 0.2% argon, and the remainder other gases. The average pressure at sea level is 970 millibars.


Two small moons orbit Sikhe, both captured asteroids. Thatak is an elongated shape, 20 km long, and orbiting 120,000 km from the planet. Velenov is 60 km in diameter and orbits 270,000 km away.

There are several space stations in high orbit, and three space elevators.


Sikhe's ecosphere is reasonably biodiverse. Enormous forests of thrash-trees and bud-firs cover much the continents. The many mountains tend to also be well inhabited.
Sikhe city map

A map of Sikhe showing cities in black, spaceports in yellow, and space elevators in blue. Click to enlarge.


This is the homeworld of the Sethaleya. The nine tribes all originated here, and their capitals still remain, now sprawling cities of millions. The Sethyus capital, Ileva, is the largest of all. There are around three billion Sethaleya on Sikhe.

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