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Average length

5 m

Average Lifespan

129 Earth years


Serpentine body.

The Sinisrus are a species of sapient being which have been annexed into the Shekeshta Hegemony of the Triangulum Galaxy.


Sinisrus are limbless, serpentine creatures. Reaching 5 metres in length and massing up to 72 kg, their bodies are quite substantial and heavily muscled. Motion is achieved through concertina movement (pulling up the body in bends and then straightening the body out forwards from these points, utilising static friction), which is particularly useful in confined spaces such as the tunnels of their homeworld and in climbing. To move particularly fast, they may use slide-pushing (irregular bends of the body and tail press vertically onto the surface, pushing the creature along in an irregular, step-like fashion).

The head is not snake-like, but instead has a skin-covered and toothed beak. The tongue is thick and flexible, capable of being used as a manipulator, and the prehensile body also allows manipulation of objects. Their backs are covered by the atrophied, translucent remnants of feathers, which still act as insulation. Sinisrus are endothermic.

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