General statistics
Born c.47000BCE
Affiliation Imperio Ran'Coro Antiquos

(Allied with Comm. Sidian)

Titles Dark Regent
Shadow Walker
Crystaline Imperaetor
Skills/Abilities Xenotechnology
Near Invulnerability
Status As of 2201:

Ousted from Omni 01. Exist between universes.

Species [Ran'Cor]] Xenack
Gender Male
Height 9ft 2"
Weight Uncertian. Mass fluctuates due to abilities.

Skal'Deron ei Demos (Ra'Hani: Dark Regent Demon) is a disgraced Ran'Corian general that was once leader of the 2nd Grand Legion of the Anticuos Imperio Ran'Corium. He is Sidian's uncle and was at one pointhis main rival, his nephew being responsible for the imprisonment of the old Ran'Cor in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. Much like his other nephew, Zhang, he is a Xenack that can control minerals and metals but also technology and organic matter. He also possessses a Chronomech that he discovered in ancient Si'Gien ruins that, in addition to a unique ability, grants him an almost unlimited lifespan and near invulnerability.


1st ThirteenEdit

Military CareerEdit



Physical AppearanceEdit



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