Skirmish at Atlas
Date: 1971 AD
Place: Atlas system
Outcome: Eviction of Karalian Empire from system

Karalian Empire

Buyuk Empire








Rustiagon Reckar


The Skirmish at Atlas is a battle in the Buyuk Wars.


The government of the Karalian Empire had become unstable since the Ankodega Incident. There were disagreements between the monarch and the Council of High Earls. The monarch was insistent on restarting the war since the Buyuk were perceived as an immediate threat, while the council decided that it was best to not take any action at all.

The lack of agreement led to both parties parties operating on their own agenda. King Reckar would directly travel to Globuluar Cluster Z to assess the situation for himself. An important research outpost in that region was the Atlas system which was near the armistice line, but still well within Karalian territory.

Atlas was an important research outpost due to its historical value. On the planet Odalegnoc, artifacts from the Buyuk Civil War were discovered, including the remains of a dead Anti-Machine commander said to have been considered a war hero.


Science ships were en route from surveying the Galactic Core and had docked at an outpost orbiting Purkrari II. Desiring to put a stop to their research, the Buyuk Empire attacked on the grounds that they were violating a historical site even though the star system was not in Buyuk territory. The battle was mostly one-sided as the Karalians did not have a strong military presence in the area, hence why the colony was ignored for such a long time by the Buyuk.


Notably, the current king of the Karalian Empire known as Reckar perished in this battle, while his son Karrel was stranded among the researchers on Odalegnoc. Despite the loss of the king, the Karalian Empire saw the Skirmish at Atlas as a setback and did not immediately respond with military force. However, they had begun to mobilize more ships near the area.

The death of the king was seen as highly suspicious by the general public. Many, including Karrel himself, begun to blame the Council for the loss. There currently does not exist any conclusive evidence on the matter, but the claims would be set aside after the Incident of Morta, when the Karalian front of the Buyuk Wars officially reignited once more.

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