Skyridge is the homeworld of the Zi'vani, and it orbits Radagast in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It was once the capital of the Empire of Skyridge, the ancient empire of the Zi'vani, which was also known as the Galactic Empire. However, after the First and Second Harvesting Wars of the Magellanic Cloud and a deadly civil war, the empire collapsed. Nowadays, Skyridge is the heart of a minuscule republic (in the galactic sense) and home to the majority of the current Zi'vani population.




Skyridge is a planet with a fairly dense atmosphere and low gravity. It is a fairly tropical planet, with ice caps at the north and south pole covering less than 2% of it's surface. This combination of features supports aerial life and large forests.




The Advent of SapienceEdit

The small, dragon-like ancestors of the Zi'vani come from the fungal forests of Skyridge's mountains, an environment home to spore-spreading fruits of the massive underground network of fungi which form the subterranean world beneath Skyridge. Curiously enough, a similar mechanism of spreading spores evolved among the fungi of Gaea, a small planet in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, though the Gaean mushrooms are much smaller than the Skyridgian ones.

Around 13 million years ago, an asteroid impacted Skyridge, causing a mass extinction that wiped out 65% of all life on the planet. The impact caused a global firestorm that released dust and ash into the atmosphere. Without sunlight, many plants died off, including the Magopa trees which existed in a symbiotic relationship with the mountain fungus. To survive, the early draconoids had to adapt, and they were forced to become more intelligent to cope with this new world. By around 6 million years ago, they were making tools.

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