Sol I Dor Arcad
General statistics
Born 2086 AD
Affiliation Delson Hegemony
Titles Many
  • Defense Navy - Krilek (Fleet Commander)
  • Marine Corps - Marquis (Battalion Commander)
  • Airforce - Corvus (Air Division Commander)
  • PsyCorp - Psykeeper
Skills/Abilities Twin Delson Blades
Status Alive
Species Tul-Delson
Gender male
Height 8' 4" (Fully erect)
Weight 385 lbs

Sol I Dor Arcad, commonly called Sol I Dor, or just Sol for short, is a Delson Fleet Commander and the Commanding Officer of the Delson Dreadnought HXS Palkobak. He is also the adopted father of the human Galiana.



Sol I Dor usually takes the time to observe the battle. However, once he has his bearings, he's fast to respond. His mind-reading abilities make him an excellent negotiator, and, partially because of this, as well as the wake of the Delson War with the Harbingers, he's usually cautious about jumping blindly into a war.

Sol I Dor especially hates the the Harvesters, because a human girl he adopted was kidnapped by them, but, with the aid of Veoru Karik, he rescued her, seeing as they left her alive, by some cosmic fluke, for 4 years.


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Name OriginEdit

In Delseo, Sol I Dor's name means 'Mist Walker'.


Thyla Descendants

Family tree stemming from Thyla including Sol I Dor (Incomplete)

After some research, it was discovered that Sol I Dor is one of the last descendants of the Delson Shamaness Thyla, who only had 1 child before killed by the Monolith Guardians.