The Special Division of Experimental Technology is a unique division in the Federal Legion in the Karalian. It is used to test special new technologies before releasing it to the rest of the Federal Legion.

Not only are new weapons tested by the SDET, this special group is usually sent to recover alien artifacts, bringing them into safe territory for proper study. The SDET have outposts all throughout Karalian space which search for these artifacts.

The SDET is a complex division with many branches of top scientists who study the technology. The Federal Legion provides soldiers who can adequately test it out.


The main SDET headquarters on the moon Thaloss which orbits Erolaeus. While it is publicly known, their activities and technologies remain classified.



The SDET has been active for just over one hundred years. It was formed in an attempt to officially secure archaeological sights for the Karalian government before looters would beat them there.

When a robot named Aaron stumbled into Karalian territory, Aaron was immediately taken in for study to be tested out.

List of technologies being studiedEdit

Alien technologyEdit

  • Aaron - A Dairyon AI from the Andromeda Galaxy capable of emotions.
  • Super Warp Drive - An Ancient powerful intergalactic level drive that could travel between galaxies within minutes. It will take many years to reverse engineer.
  • Project: Himinngarde - Using data recordings from Stone Rings, the goal is to create intradimensional portals that could allow instantaneous travel between two locations.

Developed technologyEdit

  • IG Higgs drive - An engine being developed in secret for a ship that will be sent to the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Project: Killswitch- A massive superweapon in production that when ignited, a gas cloud will release itself sending all who inhale it into a frenzy.
  • Project: Philos - An effort to create a perfectly sentient artificial intelligence. The end product was a specialized inflitration unit known as SANARI.
  • Project: Onbegrensd - A project specifically about a high tech form of alchemy to create noble gases using radioactive decay. Should this technology ever make it outside of Dimonroff, the Karalian could have unlimited amounts of energy.

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