An impressionistic depiction of Sunt and the Anathema
General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Anathema
Titles Suntsitzeagal, Nidhoggr
Skills/Abilities devouring the universe
Status neutralized
Species Anathema
Gender genderless
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Suntsitzeagal (occasionally referred to as the Nidhoggr) is the largest known Anathema and is often referred to as the Anathema Prime. Like any Anathema, Sunt feeds off of baryonic matter and cannot be seen or heard. Sunt serves as the main control center, using quantum computing to signal other Anathema.


The neutralization of the singularity at the center of the Gehenna Galaxy activated Sunt and the Anathema. Since then, an interuniversal drive was used to send Sunt to Brunikor, destroying that other universe in the process, but saving Omni 01.

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