Sureix IV
General statistics
Born 42 BMR (1608)
Affiliation Milurian Empire
Titles Childhood: Sureix Augustum Porcaria Missum vo'Miluria, Duke of Orcosa

Adulthood (before 8 AMR): Sureix IV, Emperor of the Milurian Empire

After 8 AMR: Sureix Augustum, Soizon Daimrasora (Citizen of the Democracy)

Skills/Abilities no notable skills
Status Deceased
Species Milurian (species)
Gender Male
Height 150 cm/4 ft 11.06 in
Weight 72 kg/158.73 lbs

Sureix IV was sovereign of the Milurian Empire from 24 BMR - 8 AMR, before his deposition and execution during the Milurian Revolution. His father, Sureix, Duke of Morsiria, was the son and heir apparent to the previous emperor Sureix III. Due to the Duke's death in 28 BMR, young Sureix Augustum, at the age of 18, succeeded his grandfather after his death in 24 BMR. He was also the last emperor of the long-lasting Sorcois Dynasty.



Sureix IV was born Sureix Augustum Porcaria Missum vo'Miluria, and was given the title Duke of Orcosa at birth. Out of four children, Sureix Augustum was the second child of Prince Sureix, the heir apparent to the throne, and thus the grandson of the then-incumbent Emperor Sureix III. His mother was Maria-Annina of Sanc-Berrsum.

Sureix Augustum had a difficult childhood, neglected by his parents in favour of his apparently brighter and more handsome older brother Prince Philip, Duke of Polsarkum, who died at the age of 7, making Sureix Augustum the eldest and second in line to the Milurian throne. Sureix Augustum was an extremely strong and healthy boy: legend says that Sureix Augustum was quite brawny during his adolescence, before his coronation. Sureix Augustum was educated by his uncle, Prince Charles-Philip, Earl of Sorialis. Sureix Augustum soon became fluent in the Nuuskan language, as well as Milurique, and became quite proficient in mathematics, science and history. He also spent time play-fighting and doing other activities with his cousins and two younger brothers.

Sureix Augustum's father died of unknown causes in 28 BMR (1622) and Sureix Augustum was named the new Duke of Morsiria, which was the title of the heir to the throne. His mother, who never fully recovered from the death of her husband, also died two years later, apparently of the same cause.

Further education by Prince Philip in the subjects of nobility and kingship would not prepare him for the throne he was to inherit in 24 BMR at the death of Emperor Sureix III.

As Emperor before the RevolutionEdit

During the Milurian RevolutionEdit



Sureix IV's execution set the course of Milurian history towards democracy, but eventually led to the establishment of an even harsher regime, several centuries later, the short-lived Second Holy Imperium of the Milurian People, which some people saw as the restoration of the monarchy.

Many people felt that the royal family's lives should have been spared, and some thought that the Empire should have continued as a constitutional monarchy.

Recent findingsEdit

On 24 September 2142, Milurian archaeologists discovered an old container that was scientifically proven to contain some of the blood of Sureix IV. Nobody alive knows how it got there, but rumours suggest that Sureix IV actually donated blood, and the gourd of blood probably survived the burning of the Milurian Imperial Bloodbank during the Revolution.

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