The Syfala is the lead ship of the Roving Flotilla.


The Syfala is 360 meters in length with 18 decks which are concentrically oriented around the center of the ship, where both the bridge and the engine room are located. Artificial gravity is maintained due to the ship's rotation.

Having been modified from the salvaged remains of a Mizani warship, the Syfala is equipped with a Slipspace Utilization Drive. The ship is equipped with numerous armaments including antimatter missiles, kinetic and laser weaponry as well as Photon Condensement Fields.


The ship has a crew of 150, all with the surname Syfala. The crew was chosen as the best and most honorable of the Flotilla having proven themselves to be resourceful for maintaining the fleet.

Senior officersEdit

  • Prif - Prif occupies the role of captain of the ship and chieftain of the Flotilla.
  • Dau - Dau is the second-in-command on the bridge. He is the science officer.
  • Hymgais - The third-in-command on the bridge, Hymgais is the tactical officer and a skilled warrior.
  • Peirian - The lead engineer, Peirian is responsible for overseeing the stability and maintenance of the engines.
  • Siarada - Siarada is the communications officer. She is responsible for interpreting and intercepting signals.

Combat engineersEdit

  • (to be named)
  • (to be named)
  • (to be named)
  • Dreila

Other notable crewmembersEdit

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