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Distance from star

0.94 AU



Axial tilt


Day length

26.91 hours

Year length

No information


76% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, 1% other/trace gases

Szenaria is a garden planet orbiting the star Irian in the Iralek Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy. It is the Drakon homeworld.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit


Szenaria has a diameter of about 17,650 miles, and a surface gravity of 0.92g. However, it has a density 0.94 times that of Earth.


The planet's crust is mainly composed of oxygen, iron, and silicon, although there are noticeable amounts of aluminium and sulphur as well.


Szenaria map

Map of Szenaria's surface

60% of Szenaria's surface is taken up by the oceans. Several mountain ranges exist, although a large portion of this has been completely mined away by the Drakons. The planet has ice caps.


Szenaria's atmosphere is composed of 76% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, and 1% other gases.


Szenaria has one natural moon, Claachi. This is home to the Drakon's very first colony away from their home planet. A multitude of artificial satellites also exist.


Szenaria is home to a wide diversity of lifeforms, even though Drakon cities sweep across the planet's surface. Notable faunal examples include the Jasconius, a water-dwelling predator that has been known to grab low-flying spacecraft above the seas, and the Warak, a curious feathered beast that acts as a breeding ground for several other species, both faunal and floral.

Also notable are the Gallipests, pseudo-avian vermin that have flourished within the sprawling Drakon settlements.

Sapient CivilizationEdit

Szenaria is the homeworld of the Drakons, a reptilian spacefaring civilization. Although hundreds of separate colonies exist today, and the planet is generally regarded to be no more remarkable than any other colony, the world is still held in high esteem by the societies that live there today.

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