T.S.S. Verantirian
TSS Verantirian
An amateur's artist's drawing of the Verantirian
General information
Affiliation Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm
Ship Registration NSX-1071
Class Adventurous class
Length 846 metres/2775.5906 feet
Commanding officer(s) Captain Usari Monoir
In service 2142 - active (as of 2143)
Reason of decommission N/A
Fate of vessel after decommission N/A
Technological information
Number and types of engines 2x Jump Engines, 4x Ion Engines
Type of FTL travel system Jump Drive
Maximum non-FTL speed 100 000 000 kph/62,137,119 mph
Maximum FTL speed 7.25x speed of light

The T.S.S. Verantirian is an Adventurous-class destroyer serving the DFSNA's Starfleet, and is noted for being the first DFSNA starship to reach another galaxy. It was launched in 2142 CE under the command of Captain Usari Munoir.


Construction and launchEdit

The Verantirian was constructed at the Takrionara Royal Starfleet Shipyard and launched from that Shipyard in 2142. Verantirian was one of the earliest of the Adventurous class starships and featured several innovations, such as the new Jump Drive

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