This article is about the real star system. For the ABBLE series, see Tau Ceti (ABBLE).

Tau Ceti is a star system less than 12 lightyears from Sol. It has five known planets, and it also exists in the real-life universe.


Tau Ceti bEdit

Tau Ceti cEdit

Tau Ceti dEdit

Tau Ceti eEdit

Tau Ceti e is a planet believed to be in the habitable zone of its star. It is four times as massive as Gaea and 1.8 times its size. It orbits in the inner habitable zone, and is likely to have a surface temperature of at least 70 C.

Tau Ceti fEdit

Tau Ceti f orbits at the outer habitable zone. It is at least 6.6 times as massive as Gaea and at least 2.3 times as large. Should it possess a greenhouse effect, it will maintain comfortable temperatures between 0 and 50 C.

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