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This article is about the ABBLE series. For real star system, see Tau Ceti.
Tau Ceti

Distance from Sol:

11.905 ly (3.65 pc)





0.783 sM

0.793 sR

0.52 sL

5,344 K

Colonized first:


Highest Civilization:

ABBLE-2894 AD (Human)

Located in the Virgo supercluster, Orion arm, Local Bubble or houglass sector (Human).

Solar system of Tau CetiEdit

View from TauCeti

View of Tau Ceti with Sol just above.

View of TauCeti Bootes

A view from TauCeti of the Bootes constellation (containing Sol)

TCeti's system is filled with large amounts of dust (micrometeoroids and space debris), except in one small area around its habitable zone. This area is boardered by two small gas planets on the outside and a few smaller rocky planets (including Icaris II) on the inside. In the center of the "Silent Zone" is the gas giant Ignatis. Ignatis is the largest body (besides the star itself) in the system while Holochrysus is the smallest body to be considered a planet (moon-planet) and is Ignatis' second moon.

The most famous constellation as seen from the tCeti system is Bootes (right) mostly because it contains Sol (as the head of the arrow in Bootes' leg).

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