Telophere Autocracy
Location Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Size >18 systems (apex)
Kardashev class Unknown
Founded 2166 AD
Status Defunct
Capital Vusdeyol, Telophere IV
Official language Yallvus Talk
Demonym Telophere
Population Unknown
Species Vaikan
Government Autocracy
Current leader(s) Unknown

The Telophere Autocracy is a corrupt dictatorship founded shortly after the end of the War Between Vaikan States. Having coexisted with the Kingdom of New Karalia for a long time, the Telophere Autocracy is a powerful dictatorship.


The Telophere Autocracy originally comprised of a series of Karalian Empire military outposts during the War Between Vaikan States. After the Universal Positioning System in the area was disabled, contact was lost with the Karalian and resources eventually dwindled. Overtime, former Internal Guardsmen went rogue and begun to seize resources and power for themselves. They hijacked whatever ships were in the docking port and led a conquest campaign to take over nearby colonies.


The region of space the Telophere Autocracy is located is known as Morduin's Hunting Grounds, named after the Jamzezist god of chaos. It is a lawless region of anarchy and unpredictable shifting politics. The Telophere Autocracy is designed to adapt and overcome the problems of the area, but not bring order.

A single Vaikan dictator leads the autocracy and they hold the position for life. They lose power when they die, most commonly when someone else assassinates the current dictator and takes over.

Fear is used as the primary means of control. Groups of soldiers are dispatched to take out any who are suspected of conspiring or planning a coup. Such soldiers are trained to shoot first and ask questions later. However, the unstable government has led to internal corruption. Criminal gangs will often pay the local police to arrest and eliminate their opposition.


With financial support from the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate, the Kingdom of New Karalia conquered the Telophere Autocracy.

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