Telophere Prime
Star Telos C
Type Gas giant
Satellites 64
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance 0.23 AU
Day length 10.3 hours
Year length 73 days
Diameter 159,835 km
Axial tilt 10.3°
Average 150 K
Minimum 145 K
Maximum 155 K
Atmosphere composition 85% hydrogen, 14% helium, 1% other
Surface pressure 2.2 atm
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Telophere Prime is a water cloud gas giant orbiting the red dwarf star Telos C. It has a large ring system along with 64 moons. Its largest moon is Telophere IV, a habitable desert world. The planet exerts strong tidal pulls on its moons, responsible for the necessary heating to make life possible.

Telophere Prime is notable in that a large, blue storm several times larger than Gaea can be seen as a feature on the planet.


Telophere Prime orbits around Telos C and receives tidal heating from the star's regular radiation blasts.

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