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The Black EmeraldEdit

Black Emerald

The Black Emerald

The Black Emerald is the flagship of Admiral Cinder. It is a Jestico Class warship and modelled slightly different than most mainstream Jestico Warships. It possesses 5,750 Rotary Super-High-Powered Rapid-Fire Laser Batteries, 3,200 Rotary Proton Cannons, 480 Plasma Weapon Chambers, 26 Small Electron Frag Cannons, 14 Medium Electron Frag Cannons, 2 Large Electron Frag Cannons, 32 Core Matter Reactors, supports up to 250 fighter squadrons, and has 32" Steel Hulls, neutron armor, and energy shields. The Black Emerald also possesses a very rare addition: nano-skin.



Admiral Cinder

The Black Emerald was produced on the Arckasan Drive Yards, and shortly after its completion, it was hijacked and taken over by pirates who officially named it the Black Emerald by captain Oliver Militan. The Black Emerald was used as a flagship for many Militan's spice raids on both sides in the Galactic Civil War; and it was under his control that he had its exterior coated in the high tech nano skin. After about 3 years under command of pirates it ran into the flagship "Retribution" commanded by Grand Admiral Kaleb Jestico, who negotiated a pardon with the pirates in order to get the rare and powerful ship back into the hands of the empire. Jestico then had one of his Minor Admirals appoint the ship an Admiral as its captain, and assigned it to a fleet. It was assigned to Admiral Cinder, and combatted 8 victorious fights against Tyrannis's forces before it was plunged into another dimension along with most of its fleet.


The Nano-Skin technology is one of the rarest things to see on a large ship, primarily because it costs a vast fotrune to put on since each cell of the skin must be manufactured independantly in a lab. While the skin can replicate itself and heal itself, it requires external resources to do so, and its duplicated pieces aren't always of as high a quality material as the original nano-skin. Most ships have the tools necessary to become invisible to radar, emf dection, infra-red detection and motion sensor detection, but true invisibilty has been a challeneg for engineers and scientists for many years. One of the ways they accomplished this was by creating light altering arrays that costed in the billions to produce for even fighters. The next best thing was nano-skin, which, when hooked up to a controlling module, could be made to alter its color; and in the hands of an expert, appear the same as its background, much like a gecko. Since The Black Emerald has a nano-skin coating, it can essentially become invisible to photovisual perception by turning completely black in mid-space. While the nanoskin must heal before it can become an effective cloak after each battle, it is quite useful.

Black Emerald(cloaked)

The Black Emerald (Cloaked)