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Somewhere in the darkest corners of space, in the orbit of a planet without a sun, The Black Emerald shot forth from across the galaxy. The planet was believed to be a long since abandoned Titan colony with tons of valuable Titan technology left behind for the taking. Weapon technology that was once used in wars waged between the Titans themselves, the entire planet was once an urbanized mecca of military power, possessed by a Titan whose name had been lost in time. Much to the shock of the crew aboard The Black Emerald, they arrived in the middle of a small fleet of ships bearing the colors of the evil Grand Admiral Tyranis. The planet had already been claimed by the tyranical ruler, who seemed to have already taken advantage of pillaging the massive ruins and taking its wonders for himself. The opposition was armed with powerful Titanic weapons, and immediately began to open fire on the Jestico Class Warship.

Quickly, the temporary commander of the vessel sent out a distress signal, aimed back at the planet Arckas. After sending in a support fleet to use Titan technology that they had collected on their own against Tyranis's forces, victory seemed at hand. It was assumed that the enemy relied too heavily on the secrecy of the planet, and their forces were forced to retreat.

Much to the shock of the Federation forces, Tyranis was already much further ahead of them. The Black Emerald and other Federation ships began to pick up huge gravitational disturbances, signalling the arrival of a single massive ship headed there way. Within an instant, a ship that had never been reported of arrived; looking to be like a much larger, more fully built up variation of the Excalibur Class Mega Dreadnaught. This ship however, had been fully integrated with Titan technology; it was the new flagship of Grand Admiral Tyranis.

Without even demanding surrender, the super ship began firing and very easily wiping out the Federation fleet. A single escape shuttle managed to blast its way back through space, to Arckas, in order to report what had happened. The images and information that the shuttle carried included a half completed scan of the vessels computers. From them, the name of the ship was determined to be "The Dark Titan," and much of the hijacked data pointed towards Tyranis's plans to not only destroy the Federation, but to destroy several known and living Titans, and claim control of the entire universe, and insanely even planning to become a Titan himself. Being a cybernetic organism actually allows his mind or perhaps even his very soul to become integrated into any and every ship his empire contstructs. With absolute control over every piece of technology in his dominion, and a weapon like this in his hands, who's to say that he isn't practically a Titan already, or isn't at least as powerful as one?

Dark Titan

The Dark Titan