The Divinity Trinity is a set of three consecutive stories about a Demon individual who bores witness to the Degeneration and Reclamation periods of Demon history as well as causing influence on many different civilisations in the universe through different ways.


The first story in the Divinity Trilogy is about the individual in their youth. A childish imp of young mental age who witnesses the attacks of Minos-Vaskus on the Demon civilisation and has to make it through the harsh world where the utopian structure comes crashing down around everyone, making average citizens into desperate people with only few escaping the dangerous bottleneck event of the Demon population as they escape to Brunikor.


The second story in the Divinity Trilogy is about the same Demon learning of new ways of life, coming to terms with the death of trillions and finally being torn away in an accident which sends out the individual to influence many small-scale civilisations, leading to many disastrous and heart-warming events along the way.


The third an final story is about how Demon civilisation is trying to re-enter the universe. After long periods of time in Brunikor they have finally became strong enough to leave. However, this is unsettling to the civilisations of now and also represents problems for the individual who was outcast centuries before as they will no longer be in a place of power and attention.

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