This article contains content which may be considered disturbing or inappropriate to some users.
Reason: Disturbing scenes of torn bodies

The Legend of Ghaknralis is the origin story of the Ghaknral Commonwealth of States and is one of the most famous of Ghaknral legends. It involves the legendary Ghaknralis and is set in an unknown time, countless generations ago, on the planet of Ghaknras...

Chapter 1Edit

Bodies were lying. Everywhere, as far as you could see, all the way to the horizon. The great, giant metropolis of Teksulion lay in ruins. There was blood and torn limbs everywhere. One could be extremely dextrous, and still step on someone's arm, or even worse, mangled and deformed head.

And so it was that the young Techsuria, Ghaknralis, was speeding his way through the body-flooded streets of the city, with his eyes tightly closed, only allowing himself an odd peek at what lay ahead. His destination: The Temple of Wkaprio. Wkaprio, the God of the Techsuria.

This war had been going on for as long as Ghaknralis could remember. He was a newborn when all this began. And all of it began because of warring ideals. One of the leaders of the fighting factions thought it a good idea to chop heads off every month or so, in sacrifice to Wkaprio; another believed it was right to only pray, and not sacrifice anything... that sort of thing.

Now, Ghaknralis was going to stop it all. He was going to ask Wkaprio to help to stop this war. He needed something to bargain with... his life, for example...

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