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The Swarm story arc follows a group of soldiers working for the Drahoni government who have to resque a group of scientists who have discovered and are studying a dangerous parasitic lifeform. If not stopped, this will become a grave threat to the whole galaxy...

This threat is known as Mezourah...

List of main storiesEdit

  1. The Distress Call - incomplete
  2. Hide and Seek - Not started yet
  3. [[ - title not even made
  4. [[ - title not even made
  5. [[ - title not even made


(Most likely contains spoilers)


When the United Drahoni Space Alliance discovers a parasitic alien lifeform they wish to capture it for study, they are succesful in doing so and call it Mezourah (Drahuun for 'swarm'). They assign a team of scientists to study it on the planet Methiorikh, several months later the facility goes dark without any notification. The sole thing that left the base was a distress signal: "The specimen has escaped, it's going rampant and has taken over the facility! It's bringing the bodies back to life, it found me! Destroy this pla-...!".

List of charactersEdit

In storyEdit





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