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Theyri's physical appearance

Theyri (real name Partillia [Part - ill - ia]) is the Titan of Corruption and the god of the Exonoma religion. She is a Guardian Titan.


Theyri appears as a transparant humanoid shape with talons on her head and arms, she can easily be seen due to her luminous engravings all over her body. Transparant pieces of cloth seem to swirl around her and are attached to her lower arms.

She is usually located in her own dimension, called Thurovhyan where she rules over the souls she corrupted over the past eons.


Theyri is a cold sadistic individual, she likes to fool her prey (people who have important jobs or chance to get them) and has the habit of corrupting almost enything she wants. When she corrupts a person she enters the prey's mind causing him to see her where she wants, she uses her charm to talk her victim into the worst things imaginable. On one occasion she caused the genocide of an entire city, it is unknown when this occured.

As mentioned before she talks people into problems, but it is also common for her to seduce her prey or make a deal with them. These deals often involve that the person in question gains charisma to an extent he can talk people into doing his bidding, all she asks are sacrifices in the form of living sapient beings.

While her powers can corrupt any mortal mind it is known she cannot corrupt Titans of a higher or equalling level as she once tried to corrupt "I" (back when she was still a Sculptor), she failed in doing so and lost some of her powers as punishment.


Not much is known of her creation, it is likely "I" created her but this is unconfirmed. She has spent most of her life corrupting people and gazing at the course of the universe, she enjoyed the extinction of the Omni. At a certain point she tried to corrupt "I" but failed and her level was dropped to Guardian, she never made another attempt in corrupting a Titan of a higher level.

Ever since her 'degradation' she has been more active in corrupting, she is known to have shown her physical form to mortals as she is refered as a god by the Exonoma.

Known AvatarsEdit

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