Star Paradene
Type Gas giant
Satellites Delse
Gravity Unknown
Orbital distance 0.04 AU
Day length 48.7 hours
Year length 9.2 Earth days
Diameter 51,383 km
Axial tilt 34.1°
Average N/A
Minimum N/A
Maximum N/A
Atmosphere composition 82% hydrogen, 16% helium, 2% methane
Surface pressure Unknown
Factions Delson Hegemony
Population Unknown
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Unknown

Thyla is a typical hydrogen-helium gas giant. It within Paradene's habitable zone and is tidally locked.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Thyla's atmosphere mostly consists of hydrogen and helium with lower amounts of methane. The planet has no ring system because whatever material it has coallesed into the moon, Delse.

Because one side of Thyla constantly faces Paradene, it is bombarded with heat currents that stir up violent winds. Convection currents carry these warm winds to the nightside creating a brilliant mix of blue and purple ionized gases.


Thyla's largest moon is Delse. The gas giant's gravitational pulls on the moons, combined with tidal heating from Paradene creates a landscape of volcanic rock and desert. The moon's oceans have evaporated, saturating the atmosphere with oxygen and water vapor.

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