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Tiberychaam Wirsdakh is the current King of the Drahoni Kingdom (named after his family, the Wirsdakh Bloodline). He is married to Felionary Yeghnem who he shares the throne with and was born in 1995 AD. He died during the Siege of Xenzhoan when keeping the enemy at bay for his wife to escape.


Ever since his birth the Drahoni people believed he would lead his kind to prosperity due to an ancient prophecy, despite he said he wouldn't create miracles he still vowed he would do his best for his people.


Tiberychaam usually wears the royal tunique, a blue robe with white outlines decorated with some gems. When he does not wear his tunique he still wears expensive clothing gifted to him by famous designers.

He also has a battle outfit in-case he would ever have to defend his home.

He also wears a Soul of Recognition around his neck.


Tiberychaam is a highly charismatic person believing in justice, all he has done was for his people. He is a quite agile and strong man and has a steady aim when having to hold a gun. He is also trained in swordsfighting and usually fights friendly matches with friends.

Personality Edit

Tiberychaam receives many expensive clothing from famous designers, they do this to get in his favour and receive his blessing. But Tiberychaam never buys expensive clothing as he believes he would be robbing his kingdom of his people's treasury.

He has much respect for those around him and is known to feel ill when many people have died in a horrible event or war.

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