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World Map of Timari
Star Colpa
Type Garden planet
Satellites Relina, Corplo
Gravity 1.003 G
Orbital distance 0.900 Astronomical Units
Day length 23.7 Hours
Year length 362 Days
Diameter 6,987 km
Axial tilt 24°
Average 20 °C
Minimum −100 °C
Maximum 60 °C
Atmosphere composition 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 1% other
Surface pressure Unknown
Factions Unknown
Population Unknown
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Unknown

Timari is the home of the Delson Military Headquarters, as well as the closest Delson Garrison to Hybecini, the primary Delson Shipyards. Timari was also the home to Sol I Dor and Galiana Arcad from 2125-2136.


Timari is covered in 45% water. While roughly the size of Mars, large deposits of iron in its core give it an unusually high gravity for its size.

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