Below is the timeline of the Kaoom.

Epoch 0Edit

  • A yellow main sequence star is formed by a nebula
  • An unknown small scale civilization evolves
  • the star goes supernovae leaving behind a white dwarf
  • Shal'nar forms in an accretion disk
  • The Kaoom evolve

Epoch 1Edit

  • A tribe of Kaoom discover fire
  • The same tribe discovers metal
  • The other tribes worship the metalworking tribe
  • Together they discover electricity
  • The industrial revolution has begun!!!!!

Epoch 2Edit

  • Some of the worshippers did research into chemistry and realized the metalworking tribe were not gods
  • they rebelled
  • the rebellion was quickly quelled
  • awareness was brought to the other tribes and large scale rebellion ensued
  • the original metalworking tribe was nearly destroyed except for one province
  • that province happened to be the most resource rich on the planet, numerous campaigns were put against it but to no avail
  • one tribe put up the radical idea that maybe they should work together
  • this was accepted by the other tribes and together, they obliterated opposing forces

Epoch 2.5Edit

  • Large scale exploration of the planet is made
  • together under an alliance the other tribes research and delve into new technologies
  • An alien ship crashes
  • Scientists reverse engineer the ship
  • They begin construction on a small fleet
  • The Skojan come
  • The Kaoom are genetically engineered to be noncorporeal

Epoch 3Edit

  • The Kaoom navy is completed
  • The Kaoom discover many tribal civilizations
  • They discover a space faring empire
  • The space faring empire declares war

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