Below is the Timeline of the Vaikan.

First AgeEdit

Main article: First Age of the Vaikan

Second AgeEdit

Main article: Second Age of the Vaikan
  • 1 2E
    • Saskana Meteor collision. 50% of Vaikan are wiped out.
  • 2348 2E
  • 2389 2E
    • Malin begins its war against the Black Shadow Clan.
  • 2401 2E
    • The Black Shadow Clan is driven into the Frozen Wasteland.

Third AgeEdit

Main article: Third Age of the Vaikan

Fourth AgeEdit

Main article: Fourth Age of the Vaikan

Drallan EraEdit

Great Era of StagnationEdit

  • 3,000 BC
    • The DFM falls, isolating every colony.

Era of Dual PowersEdit

Megacorporation EraEdit

Karalian EraEdit

Date in Karalian Calendar Date in AD/BC Description
0 4AKE 163 AD Founding of Karalian Empire
117 4AKE 280 AD The Palasarian Crusades begin.
137 4AKE 300 AD Founding of Confederacy of Greenwater
157 4AKE 320 AD The First Civil War between the Karalian Empire and the Confederacy of Greenwater begins.
187 4AKE 350 AD End of First Civil War
1429 4AKE 1592 AD First signs of Buyuk aggression in the Greenwater Nebula. Karalian Empire intervenes.
1439 4AKE 1602 AD The Buyuk and KE agreed to the Armistice of 1439 4AKE. The Buyuk pulls out of Greenwater.
1472 4AKE 1641 AD Beginning of Buyuk Wars
1723 4AKE 1886 AD Researches discover the frozen, yet intact corpse of Gro'zorg, an ancient warrior that fought in the Buyuk Civil War. He is revived shortly after.
1724 4AKE 1887 AD Ankodega Incident
1725 4AKE 1888 AD With Gro'zorg's help, a rebel faction of the Buyuk Empire is created. This faction is known as Nova Antimachina.
1759 4AKE 1922 AD Nova Antimachina does significant damage to the Buyuk Empire, but it is ultimately destroyed. Support for the Karalian front dramatically increases.
1824 4AKE 1987 AD War on Gaea
1889 4AKE 2052 AD Galactic Senate is founded.
1942 4AKE 2105 AD The Umbral Crusade.
1988 4AKE 2151 AD War Between Vaikan States
2002 4AKE 2165 AD Destruction of KE

New Kingdom AgeEdit

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