General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Selvarius's Continuum, Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps
Titles Unknown
Skills/Abilities Unknown
Status Active
Species Tokarthi
Gender Male
Height 6' 11"
Weight 165 lbs

Toren’Kalik is a Tokarthi Engineer, and, after Selvarius's Continuum joined the Galactic Senate, Toren’Kalik was selected as their representative for the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps.


Toren'Kalik is patient and cunning. He knows his way around machines, having worked with them his whole life, and enjoys working with them. Some Tokarthi warriors have stated that if he knew how to use a gun, he would make an excellent sniper, having the hand-eye coordination and patience for it.

While not overly social, he still gets along ok with other individuals, shown by how he doesn't seem bothered by Galiana, when she started following him around, asking questions, when she joined the GSSOC.

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