The Total Recall Order is the name given to Royal Directive 12, which signals the convergence of the entirety of the Star Fleet to converge on a single position, Karnas (unless otherwise ordered). The Order was only issued once, during the Second Galactic War, at the Battle of Karnas.


Royal Directive 12 was written by Emperor Kres Seen in the year 2A 1966 when he formed the Star Fleet. Since then, the Directive has been utterly unused, as its issuing would result in the unveiling of the Star Fleet, which was intended to be a kind of secret superweapon to use when no other option exists. Such unveiling would result in either flatout declaration of war, strained diplomatic relations, or massive arms races. In any case, unneccessary use of the Total Recall Order would end poorly for the KMF. As such, the Directive was largely forgotten until 2A 5100, when Supreme High General and Grand Admrial of the Sauren Armies and Fleets Etah Owar ordered Emperor Nrek Konh to issue the Directive, to use the Star Fleet at the Battle of Karnas to defeat the Dragonslayer Alliance fleet. After the Galactic Genocide, the Star Fleet left the Milky Way once more, and to this day has not returned.

Royal Directive 12Edit

The Twelth Royal Directive, when issued, shall summon the Star Fleet, the entirety of the star navy of the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation, to a single location, which shall be defaulted in absence of contrary orders from the Emperor, to be the homeworld and captial of the Meritocracy, Karnas. The Star Fleet shall then execute any assignment given unto them by the Emperor and those who speak with his authority until the time comes when the Emperor, and only the Emperor, deems their presence no longer needed, at which point they shall retreat to their place of origin, be it within the Milky Way Galaxy or beyond its horizons.

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