A map of Andromeda showing the main Grids.

The Trentas region of the Andromeda Galaxy with a high amount large and dense star clusters with a very high metal-rich concentrations on the rare planets in these clusters.

Red Giant stars are very common among Trentas and can lead to very high amounts of radiation, making it near impossible that life could have evolved here naturally.

Galactic CentreEdit

While many would assume a galactic black hole is at the centre, there are actually a high concentration of Hyper-Giant stars that orbit each other in a complex Septuple formation. The high amount of gravity produced by these stars does mean that occasionally a star will falter and be destroyed by falling to the centre of the constellation. However, instead of turning into a black hole, the star is ripped apart by the more outwards stars and is then replaced by a new star forming.

This means that over the course of Andromeda's life, it's galactic centre has been always changing, yet it always has seven hyper-Giants at it's core.