'The Trials of Lemuria' is the name of the set of trials someone must go through to recover the Amulet of the Tokarthi. The Trials test Selvarius's 3 apsects of Willpower: Ingenuity, Courage, and Determination. It is said that these 3 aspects combine into Willpower.

Trial of IngenuityEdit

Ingenuity is the aspect of Willpower where one must try to find a way to defeat an unwinnable scenario. The Creature of this aspect is the Hydra, whose weakness is never the same, and it is difficult for an opponent to find that new weakness each time.

The Trial of Ingenuity involves the tested Champion fighting the Tokarthi Hydra, a 5-headed monster who only grows stronger with each blow dealt to it, unless its current weakness is exploited. For Galiana Arcad, this was the beast's eyes, located between its necks.

Trial of CourageEdit

Trial of DeterminationEdit

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