The Triangulum Core Zone is the region located at the very centre of the Triangulum Galaxy.
Triangulum nucleus

The core of Triangulum


Unlike the other large galaxies of the Local Group, Triangulum has only a very weak and diffuse bar in its nucleus. It is also set apart by the absence of a supermassive black hole at its centre- many stellar-mass black holes are located here, however. It is very rich in hot stars only a few million years old (most recent starburst occurred 70 million years ago), radiating large quantities of ultraviolet radiation, and these are accompanied by a slightly older population of smaller stars a few billion years old. The remnants of previous generations of large stars are evident in the form of neutron stars and stellar mass black holes.

The core contains a large number of X-ray sources, some explained but others remaining anomalous. One ultraluminous X-ray source is the most luminous such object in the Local Group.

Notable LocationsEdit

There are several notable locations in the Triangulum Core Zone.

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