Tsuinarese is the primary language of the Tsuinaron, and the Tsuinarese Quarion Dialect is the official language of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm.


There are three main dialects in the Tsuinarese: Quarion Dialect, Larion Dialect and Yushirii Dialect. The Quarion Dialect is the dominant dialect, and the Tsuinaron writing system is based on the Quarion syllables. There are about forty letters in the Tsuinarese script.


It has been theorized that the Tsuinaron also had a small influence over Humans from Gaea, as Tsuinarese is similar to the language used by far eastern civilizations, generally found on the island Japan. As Tsuinarese is known to be far older than the Japanese language, it is believed that Tsuinarese may have served as a base of sorts for Japanese syllables and grammar.

For example: How are you?

Japanese: O-genki-desu-ka?

Literal meaning: You happy are?

Tsuinarese: Narikura Kani Shitsu?

Literal meaning: Happy you are?

Coincidentally, some Tsuinarese words and pronunciations can be found in the Japanese language as well, with the same or similar meaning.

Writing scriptEdit

There are about forty letters in the Tsuinarese script, known as Aranoribara, and each is based on the syllables of the Quarion Dialect of the Tsuinarese language. Although Aranoribara is the original script of Tsuinarese, it has since been disused in favour of the Sauran Alphabet, first created by the Karnasaurs. With the introduction of the Sauran alphabet to the language made possible new writable syllables, that were not available before, for example, Va was a pronuncable syllable, but the limitation of the script did not allow it to be written.

List of frequently used wordsEdit

There are more than 1,000,000 words in the Tsuinarese language, so not all the words in the Tsuinarese language can be displayed on this list. Here is the pronunciation of each word (in Quarion Dialect), with its Gaean, English meaning.

  • A - Ara
  • Air - Ukashi
  • Alphabet - Aranoribara
  • And - Lara
  • Are - Shitsu
  • Armour - Nohirina
  • Barrier - Kunomashi
  • Bring - Notsui
  • Car - Hirinata
  • Child - Hurokani 
  • Civilisation (used to describe exterior civilisations) - Porraba
  • Dead - Shiba
  • Death/Die - Shi
  • Drink - Shinsoru
  • Engine - Tsukano
  • Evil/Bad/Naughty - Narinona
  • External - Porra
  • Father - Otōsan
  • Food - Tabemono
  • Foreign/alien (adj) - Oronsu
  • Foreigner/alien (n) - Oronshi
  • Friend/Ally - Unaku
  • FTL travel - Effutsuierru
  • God/Deity - Shinron
  • Grandfather - Ojīsan
  • Grandmother - Obāsan
  • Happy - Narikura
  • Hello - Arakani
  • I/Me - Akari
  • Infant - Nokaba
  • Large city - Kuranorakiri
  • Military - Kirina
  • Money (used to describe the Tsuinaron monetary unit) - Reiben
  • Money (used to describe other monetary units) - Karuben
  • Mother - Okāsan
  • Name - Arabatsu
  • Sad - Kirika
  • Small city - Kuranoraku
  • Spacecraft - Baranomashin
  • Village - Kakanoma
  • Territory (Usually describing a territory within the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm) - Kiunaba
  • Tsuinaron civilisation - Tsuinaron-ba
  • Upset - Kirihuro
  • Very - Nonohiri
  • We - Akaricha
  • You - Kani


Sun - Tsuinarese Ancient Sun

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