Star Zoyltieus
Type Ocean
Satellites Tsuka I

Tsuka II

Tsuka III

Tsuka IV

Tsuka V

Tsuka VI

Tsuka VII

Tsuka VIII

Gravity 2.3 G
Orbital distance 3 AU
Day length 70 hours
Year length Approx 1.7 years
Diameter 1.4 Earth diameters
Axial tilt 10.07°
Average 20°C
Minimum 1°C
Maximum 37°C
Atmosphere composition 60% Nitrogen, 10% Oxygen, 5% Carbon Dioxide, 5% Other
Surface pressure 0.8 atm
Factions Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm
Population 18 billion
Major imports Foodstuffs
Major exports Desalinated water

Tsukapokoru is an ocean planet which is part of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm. It shares a strange companionship with the planet Tsukaporo in which the two do not orbit each other, but merely share exactly the same orbital distance. The pair, at the same time, revolve their home star Zoyltieus


"The handsome and noble warrior Tsukaporo fell in love with the beautiful maiden Tsukapokoru. However, the two were separated by a great river when an evil demon captured Tsukapokoru. However, the demon was merciful and allowed the two to meet every two hundred years, when he would let the river disintegrate into a stream temporarily. This river became known as the Milky Way."
―Ancient Tsuinaron Astrological myth

The name 'Tsukapokoru' comes from the mythical figure with the same name who, in a certain myth whose exact events are stated above, falls in love with the handsome and brave Tsukaporo, hence their similar names. This myth came about because of the depiction of the planets' two-hundred-yearly meeting.

Orbit and Relationship with TsukaporoEdit

The two planets also share eight moons which transfer from one planet to the other in a meeting of the planets once every two hundred years. That is, the moons, which, in a time generations before the Space Era, were known collectively as the Tsuka Couple's Children, would be orbiting Tsukaporo for two-hundred-year periods, then Tsukapokoru and Tsukaporo would meet in the rare meeting. 

This happens because of the two planets' drastically different orbiting speeds. However, the two never collide, for unknown reasons.


Tsukapokoru has an atmosphere that can support life, with 10% of it being oxygen.

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