Southern white faced scops owl
A Tyd'kanji
General information
Status At war
Homeworld Kanji
Type Avian
Symmetry Bilateral
Diet Carnivorous
Lifespan 50 years
Other distinctions Unknown

The Tyd'kanji are an avian race in the Deras grid of the Andromeda Galaxy.


Tyd'kanji appear as flightless avian creatures akin to owls who are carnivorous.


The Tyd'kanji's technology is highly based upon their religion as they largely invested in genetic engineering because in their scriptures it says that they must change nature to their gods bidding. The Tyd'kanji have relatively weak warp-drives that can only travel In their direct star cluster. For their food they use stem cells to create meat.


The Tyd'kanji believe in the shura'ko which is a god which looks like a hybrid of all the main superpowers of the andromeda. They believe that they must make an army for their god to conquer the galaxy, this is why they have highly advanced genetic engineering.


The Tyd'kanji language consists of various frequencies of hoots and whistles.


The main government is an order of priests who made up the entire religion to bend the populace to their will.


For factions, there is the main government then there's a small breakaway faction which lives in solitude from the main government, also there's very small rebellions which are eating away at the main government.


The Tyd'kanji originally had flight but as their prey started burrowing it no longer made sense to fly so they lost their wings and burrowed underground to hunt their prey and as their prey got smarter the Tyd'kanji became smart to the point of sentience.

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