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Tyranid by Lultschik
A drawing made by one of the surviving soldiers.


2142 AD


2142 AD


-The Parasite of Methiorikh
-The Firstborn

The Tyrant, or the Parasite of Methiorikh, is a Mezourah Biomass creature that was present in the research facility of Methiorikh. It was the result of escaped Mezourah gathering the bodies of scientists and security officers to create a pile of Biomass, once this was achieved they needed a strong monstrosity to attack anything that enters the facility and be able to fly around picking enemy ships out of the sky or infecting the pilots. It seemed to be picking a leader role during the outbreak.


The Tyrant was created during the outbreak on Methiorikh and took the role as Mezourah leader, he killed the last resistance in the facility.

When the Drahoni government sent troops to retrieve the data it in the facility it destroyed the Xeyon Vayagh and took off only to be seen again attacking the dropships and placing some biomass on it's wing. When back on the ship Enak Higgs gave the order to open fire on the Tyrant who died shortly afterwards, the biomass on the dropship's wing infected a soldier who in his turn mutated and attacked other soldiers and thus spread the infection to an FTL-capable spacecraft.

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