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The UDSA emblem.

The United Drahoni Space Alliance, or UDSA in short, is a military organization founded by the Drahoni government. It serves as the guardian of the Drahoni kingdom, keeping its borders safe. It is responsible for the military, economical and scientific progress in the Drahoni kingdom, their curreny is Dhroz


The UDSA was formed after the Second Drahoni Colonial War ended. The colonies agreed to end the war under the circumstance that a centralised organization was to be formed that is capable of protecting and helping them. The Drahoni king at that time, Lovyathi Wirsdakh, agreed to this and thus the UDSA was formed. Ever since it has grown in size and has helped with the exploration of new worlds, keeping trade routes safe and providing refuge for colonists fleeing their homes fearing pirate attacks.


The UDSA has several branches, with the Royal Drahoni Armada being the most important branch.

  • The RDA is responsible for patrolling Drahoni controlled space, keep pirates and slavers at bay and explore new sytems.
  • The Drahoni Legions, or DL in short, are responsible for apprehending criminals, uphold the law and explore the surface of a planet.

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